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Creating a bespoke bridal lingerie set...

Back in June I received a lovely email from bride-to-be Sasha:

'I have been following all of your social media posts and updates for weeks and our wedding is 23rd September this year. I am finding it so hard I cannot tell you to find what I want. I almost have a vision of what I want but simply it's not available on the high street- I was like this with my dress and generally in everyday life as I work in the fashion wholesale industry and I have particular taste...'

And so began our journey discussing ideas about what Sasha had in mind and how we could design 2 bespoke lingerie sets.

Sasha's taste was feminine, elegant and flirty. Naturally silk, spotty tulle and delicate Chantilly lace immediately sprung to mind!

After discussing taste, style and fabrics, the next stage was to design on paper and send samples of fabrics and ribbons.

Once Sasha had selected her fabric and finishing's which ended up being hand dyed silk ribbon in an ice blue colour - measurements were taken and patterns made!

We made two lingerie sets for Sasha, one was a chantilly lace bra-let with brazilian style knicker and silk with spotty tulle suspender belt. The other was a silk camisole and short set, we used silk covered buttons and embroidered 'Mrs W' on the French knicker short in pale blue.

We keep all patterns and measurements for our bespoke clients for future orders and commissions.

Here are a few images of the one of the finished sets...

'Hey darling, So I just had a little half hour to myself before all the family start to arrive and tried all my new treats on.. Just gorgeous!!! They fit absolutely perfect..

Absolutely gorgeous and feel amazing on! They are exactly what I was after.. You understood me straight away?! The bra top is just gorgeous :) Thank you so much!!'

To find out more about our bespoke design service please contact:

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