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With the launch of our Laser-cut Leather Bridal Garters we were privileged to be featured on this blog: http://www.mrspandp.com/tag/pompadour-lingerie/

The Pompadour label is recognised for using only the finest silks, beautiful delicate laces and embellishments.

Sophisticated women and brides alike expect quality craftsmanship from a British label and they endeavour to exceed expectations with creative unique designs in both their limited edition and bespoke pieces.

Not limiting our designs to just brides, they create designs meant to make one feel sensuous for any occasion, brides, maids, honeymoon, anniversaries or just because!

Their aim is to encapsulate feminine chic and classic romance along with a trousseau one will want to cherish forever…

I had a chat with Georgia Feeley who created the brand…

“I wanted to create designs that were unique and distinguishable to my brand and that is how I came up with the idea to use vintage lace for my bridal garters.”

“Each garter is lined with pure silk and I adorn them with detachable vintage brooches that could be worn again for anniversaries, plus these can be kept as treasured keepsakes to pass down.”

“Naturally living in Nottingham the delicate beautiful lace that used to be produced here is obviously key in a lot of these vintage designs.”

“Each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.”

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