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Buying Lingerie: A Man's Guide


Here are some tips on how to get it right...




1. An obvious one to start with - know her size!

Have a discreet rummage through her drawers so you ensure the right fit.


2. Choose what you think she will like and what you would like to see her in. She will only wear it if she likes it and feels comfortable - plus you want to see her wearing your choice!


3. Make sure you choose something she will find comfortable. 

It doesnt have to be a bra and knicker set we have a lovely selection of camisoles, French knickers and negligee's


4. If you are still finding it hard to decide we also offer gift vouchers which can not only be redeemed against lingerie but your partner can choose a bespoke design service also!


5. Think about presentation.

Waking up to a beautifully packaged gift box on the pillow or a note to say you have something special you have chosen for her is part of the excitement!



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